To order a book!

So, here's the detail: send a check or money order for $24.95, plus $5.30 for shipping. The five-thirty, gets us "priority" shipping, in a padded envelope, compliments of our fair postal service (first class was over seven dollars). I got together with my bookkeep, and got it all straight, where we can use my livestock operation, handle the checks, so make 'em payable to GRATEFUL HERD MGMT., at the address below:

Grateful Herd Mgmt.
HCR74 BOX132
Lindrith, NM 87029

BE SURE and MAKE IT PLAIN, where you want your book(s) sent and consider it's a small package, so ya want an address where it won't get lost or stolen. If you're uncertain about the size or safety of your mailbox, certified, which requires a signature, would add $2.95; the advantage there bein', if you weren't home, they will take it back to the post office for safe keepin', 'till ya come by and sign for it.

Thank you!